Exercise Selection for Perfect Programming

There is an art / skill to choosing the right exercises for your clients. The most important consideration of exercise selection is to select exercises that have a fundamental application to the training objectives. The exercises included should develop the muscle mass, strength, or power of the client in ways that apply to their life, sport or the event which they are training for.

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Strength Training For Masters Athletes


FACT:  Veteran athletes lose strength as they age. Humans start losing muscle mass after the age of 38.
Research suggests that this age-related loss of muscle strength impacts negatively on both speed and endurance performance in Masters Athletes, as they age. The loss in strength is due primarily to the fact that muscle mass declines with age, even in masters athletes who train rigorously in endurance. Research has also shown that resistance training is particularly important for older athletes. Literature states that older athletes should train   hypertrophy (muscle building), strength and power in the gym to offset these losses. Training sequentially in this form has shown, and can lead to significant speed and endurance performance gains in veteran athletes.

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Weight Room Safety. Parent’s & Trainers its Worth the Read.

This article provides advice on weight room management, safety, and how strength coaches can protect themselves from liability and accidents in the weight room.

Do No Harm

The #1 rule in any weight room? "'Do No Harm' simply means never injure somebody's kid,".  The rule itself is actually very simple: it's a promise to uphold standards. Standards of safety, teacher conduct, athlete conduct, cleanliness, and more.

Working with high school-age kids in a room filled with heavy equipment can potentially be dangerous - but it doesn’t have to be, with the right mindset.  This #1 rule informs every decision made in the weights room, because when everything you do is about athlete safety, a lot of things become clear.

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The Make Up Of An In Season Week

Makeup of a Normal Training Week
  • Post match recovery and injury assessment
  • Second recovery session and injury update
  • First lifting session and light training / individual video analysis
  • Conditioning  of both fit and injured players
  • Skill sessions / team runs / video sessions
  • More recovery / days off / physio sessions
  • Final preparation
  • Match
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