Exercise Selection for Perfect Programming

There is an art / skill to choosing the right exercises for your clients. The most important consideration of exercise selection is to select exercises that have a fundamental application to the training objectives. The exercises included should develop the muscle mass, strength, or power of the client in ways that apply to their life, sport or the event which they are training for.

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Bone Health In Young Women

Concern for Bone Health in Young Women: A synergy between nutrition and exercise.

By Jacinta King

On a daily basis do you drink 3.5 cups of milk? Eat 7 slices of cheese or 2 tubs of yoghurt? What about if you do not like dairy products? If this is the case do you consume 333 almonds, 300g of canned sardines or 1kg of bok choy in an average day? Chances are that majority of women reading thisarticle said no to each of those questions! The most recent national survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that on average the calcium consumption of each age group of women was significantly lower than the recommended daily intake (RDI)

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