Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl - Do's and Don'ts



The swiss ball hamstring curl is a fantastic exercise as you are forced to engage your entire body, although the only joint you are moving is the knee joint. A great workout to strengthen your hamstrings, it also sends your core into overdrive along with working your glutes as well.

All you will need is a swiss ball and some floor space and your ready to go.

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The Best Seated Row's - Do's and Don'ts


seated row

Developing the muscles of the back and forearms, the seated row is a great exercise for a beginner but is also an exercise commonly used by experienced trainers. As an excellent all round compound exercise for developing mainly the middle back it also works the arms as well.

Here we will demonstrate the proper technique performing the seated row exercise.

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Best way to use the Ab Roller - all the Do's and Don'ts



The ab roller is a simple device with big benefits, often overlooked in an exercise program. It has two handles connected to a wheel and is an advanced training tool so don't let its simplicity fool you. When used correctly it helps builds strong triceps, lats and core.

Here we will demonstrate the proper technique performing an exercise with the Ab Roller Wheel.

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Goblet Squat - Do's and Don'ts


goblet squat

The goblet squat is a great exercise to learn proper squatting technique. It can be used across all fitness levels and sports to develop this technique, better functional movement, muscle hypertrophy and strength. In this video we show you how to perform this highly effective exercise. This exercise can be used by everyone from beginners, athletes, lifters, and coaches.

Here we will demonstrate the proper technique performing the goblet squat with a dumbbell or kettle bell.

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Barbell Bench Press - Do's and Don'ts


Barbell Bench press

A common upper body strength training exercise is the bench press. The  movement consists of pressing a weight upwards from a supine position. Working the pectoralis major it also supports strength in the chest, arm, and shoulder muscles such as the anterior deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, scapulae fixers, trapezii, and the triceps. In this demonstration a barbell is used to hold the weight, however you can also use a pair of dumbbells.

Both male and female exercise enthusiasts and gym goers will have the bench press as a staple in their routine .The barbell bench press is one of three lifts in the sport of powerlifting (alongside the deadlift and squat) and is the only lift in the sport of Paralympic powerlifting.

Here we will demonstrate the proper technique performing the barbell bench press

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Five Fitness Fables to avoid in 2018


Whether your a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach or just someone wanting to lose weight, tone up, or just maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle, fitness is a state of wellbeing that can bring joy and happiness in various ways. With the fitness industry growing at such a rapid rate in recent years, fitness professionals, along with uneducated fitness enthusiasts are constantly trying to outdo one another by coming up with new training methods and ways in which to get fit. As a result many fitness myths have developed and gained irrational authority very quickly.

The following five fitness fables are some of the more prominently misunderstood myths that need to be tackled in order to educate and encourage people to strive to get fit, and not be turned away by false advertising.

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Studying for a Personal Trainer Course

If you’re looking to be a personal trainer, certification will give you the necessary skills. The concept of studying to be a personal trainer, though, can be quite challenging for some. It requires dedication and enthusiasm to get the most out of your course, and it is therefore crucial to be fully prepared for what’s in store.

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What a Certificate IV in Fitness Means for You

By earning a Certificate IV in Fitness, you gain the necessary skills to work as either a full or part-time trainer anywhere in Australia. It provides you with the qualifications to register as a Personal Trainer, allowing you to take advantage of a wide range of employment opportunities, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your clients.

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Top 50 Fitness Jargon to get the lingo right!

So, you’re eager to start your new career in fitness! Exciting times are ahead. Getting started with any new job can feel a bit intimidating at times. A lot of people find this especially true when the industry is full of specific lingo that goes straight over your head. Instead of worrying, take the first step by brushing up on your knowledge of fitness jargon before you start studying.

That way you’ll understand what they’re talking about in class and be able to professionally speak the language of your clients. To help you do this, we’ve put together a list of the top 50 fitness jargon hacks designed to get you used to the most common industry terms.

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12 Tips for Getting Clients After Completing Your PT Course

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that having a broad and loyal client base is essential. PTs may be experts in helping clients once they’re in the gym, but many trainers aren’t quite sure how to get them there. Don’t worry — we’re here to help! In this article, we’ve assembled our 12 best tips on how to attract clients — plus a bonus tip for good measure. Even better: you can start doing most of these even if you’ve only just begun your Cert 3 or 4 modules.

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