Personal Training Employment Statistics

The Australian population is becoming more and more unhealthy. While this is bad news for the Australia and the tax payer, it is good news for a Personal Trainer, as the industry is booming. Research by Deakin University shows that 45.1 per cent of men and 30.2 per cent of women are overweight. A further 20.2 per cent of men and 28.6 per cent of women are obese.

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Thinking of starting a career in Fitness Industry?

Are you looking for a career that’s fun, flexible and rewarding? Working in the fitness industry could be for you. There’s an almost endless list of career paths, and, regardless of which one you take, you’ll be helping others to live a healthier lifestyle. But, before you jump in there and get trained as a fitness professional, it’s worth finding out what to expect from working in the fitness industry.

This article will help you to do just that. With details of possible job opportunities, the average salary you can expect, trends and opportunities in the market, we’ll help you to decide if a fitness career is right for you.

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