Ten Training Tips To Help Prevent Injuries

(Sports Injury Bulletin: Special Report)


Following is a list of steps to follow to reduce your chance of injury:

  • 1. Don't train when stiff from previous session.
  • 2. Introduce new activities very gradually
  • 3. Have sufficient time for warm up and warm down.
  • 4. Check over course or area beforehand.
  • 5. Train on different surfaces, and use correct footwear.
  • 6. Shower and change immediately after cool down.
  • 7. Aim for maximum comfort when travelling.
  • 8. Stay away from infectious areas when training or competing. Especially at high intensity.
  • 9. Monitor hygiene and environmental conditions.
  • 10. Monitor fatigue symptoms.
  • From this list there are a few main factors to worry about, these include soreness and fatigue, hygiene and comfortableness, familiarity and progression. By monitoring your fatigue and soreness level an athlete can determine if they need a rest etc to allow full physiological adaptations of muscles etc. This also relates to progression of workload, if done gradually will allow sufficient adaptations but wont lead to injury or fatigue.
  • When the body is working at high levels the immune system actually decreases in efficiency, this means special consideration must be taken into account in relation to hygiene, infections etc directly after such sessions.
  • The last area is familiarity and comfortableness by being familiar with environment, people and challenges and being comfortable in this situation it will decrease the incidence of injury.

If all of these above areas are monitored together it will lead to a decrease incidence of injury therefore increasing performance and longevity.

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