Gordon Pirie's Laws Of Running


Gordon Piries's Laws of running

1 - Running with correct technique (even in prepared bare feet), on any surface, is injury free.

2 - Running equals springing through the air, landing, elastically on the forefoot with a flexed knee (thus producing quiet feet). On landing, the foot should be directly below your body. (Walking is landing on the heels with a straight leg).

3 - Any and all additions to the body damage running skill.

4 - Quality beats quantity; the speed at which you practice the most will be your best speed.

5 - Walking damages running.

6 - The correct running tempo for human beings is between three and five steps per second.

7 - Arm power is directly proportional to leg power.

8 - Good posture is critical to running. (Don't lean forwards).

9 - Speed skills; endurance kills speed.

10 - Each individual can only execute one "Program" at any one time; an individual can be identified by his or her idiosyncrasies (i.e. "Program"). An individual can change his or her "Program" only by determined, educational effort; each individual "Program" degenerates unless It is controlled constantly.

11 - Static stretching exercises causes injuries.

12 - Running equals being out of breath, so breathing through the mouth is obligatory (hence the nickname "Puff Puff Pirie").

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