5 tips for a healthier Easter


Christmas, Birthday, New Year, Easter. Is there ever a time throughout the year that we are not celebrating with a little indulgence? The team at Fit Education have come up with 5 Easter tips so you can still enjoy Easter without the guilts, sugar cravings and post festive tantrums. 

Tip 1 - 'Don't start your Easter indulgence before easter'


We know it's hard to avoid. We walk into the supermarket and just when the Christmas sales finish out come the Easter eggs, positioned right where we don't want them. Easter Sunday is our guilt free day of indulgence and no one will judge you for eating chocolate for breakfast, so stay strong and walk on. Our hot tip: eat a healthy snack before going shopping, this keeps those instant hunger cravings at bay.


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A holiday or time off from work isn't a ticket to check out of your training and exercise program. Planning your training schedule around festive events is key to staying on track. Sure, scale back your intensity by going for a walk with friends and family or an easy workout at gym. Your gym or PT may have scheduled a group fitness or bootcamp over the holidays. Most gym's are always open over the holiday season and usually very quiet, you may even have the whole place to yourself!

TIP 3 - 'make easter healthy for the whole family'

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With little kids, there's nothing more exciting on Easter Sunday morning than an Easter egg hunt. Who is to say all of these treats have to be Easter eggs? Try hiding Easter themed toys or hand painted wooden eggs you have prepared with your kids in the days earlier. You could also take the focus away from chocolate by hiding food the Easter bunny likes to eat such as celery and carrot's and prepare a healthy bunny snack for everyone to enjoy. They won't feel like their missing out so long as you are all entertained and having fun.



Spending a little extra on hand crafted or artisan chocolate can limit the quantity you buy, reducing the chance of over over indulging. This also allows you to take time and enjoy the flavours and textures of the chocolate, slowing down the rate you eat, which means consuming less calories.

Tip 5 - 'Return to your normal eating habits and routine by tuesday'


The Easter holiday weekend is four days long, return to normal eating by Tuesday by keeping your festivities to those four days. Make a written rule that you won't consume any more chocolate after the public holidays and stick to it! Take your leftovers to a local church or community group, or your workplace which we are sure won't last long!

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