Twelve Tricks to make Exercise Routines Stick – Breaking the ‘Busy Schedule’ Barrier

Too often as fitness trainers we hear the excuse, “I just don’t have enough time” in relation to physical activity and/or starting an exercise program. Yes if you are someone who is working fulltime in a stressful job, have kids and a family to care for, and are subject to all the other stresses of life that take up majority of your time, rest assured there is still a way to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine.

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Living Financially Fit

Always loved fitness and had the dream of making a living out of it, but then had others tell you or just assumed yourself it wasn’t feasible? Sitting at home reading this right now and not sure what your next career ambition is? Fact is you could become fully qualified and be operating on a healthy income in less than 6-months. The fitness industry is becoming a leading force when it comes to ticking all the boxes of a career with longevity, enjoyment, and new opportunities.

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Be efficient with your time when you're studying online

Considering signing up, already enrolled, or just starting an online study course? Many find enrolling in an online course a scary proposition, as they are worried they won’t be able to motivate themselves to study independently and finish on time. How do people overcome this? The answer is time management!

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Nutrition - The Secret Behind The Perfect Body Composition

Ever wondered how the Cristiano Ronaldo’s, Usain Bolt’s and David Beckham’s of the world got their bodies to look like a work of art? Or it might simply just be how your friend who exercises exactly the same amount as you looks so much leaner and healthier than you do. Contrary to what most people are taught to believe, training and exercise isn’t everything when it comes to weight management and obtaining that perfect figure.

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5 tips for a healthier Easter

Christmas, Birthday, New Year, Easter. Is there ever a time throughout the year that we are not celebrating with a little indulgence? The team at Fit Education have come up with 5 Easter tips so you can still enjoy Easter without the guilts, sugar cravings and post festive tantrums. 

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Training Characteristics of Elite versus Non-elite Athletes - Strength and Conditioning

Elite athletes’ are extraordinary people that do superhuman things, right? A portion of this statement is correct, the other is debatable. Elite athletes often produce phenomenal standards in their chosen sports that are unfathomable to the average person, however despite what many may be inclined to believe these people are no more God’s gift to the world than anyone else. It’s the age-old debate that one needs to be born with specific characteristics to be successful in certain sports.

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Five Fitness Fables to avoid in 2018


Whether your a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach or just someone wanting to lose weight, tone up, or just maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle, fitness is a state of wellbeing that can bring joy and happiness in various ways. With the fitness industry growing at such a rapid rate in recent years, fitness professionals, along with uneducated fitness enthusiasts are constantly trying to outdo one another by coming up with new training methods and ways in which to get fit. As a result many fitness myths have developed and gained irrational authority very quickly.

The following five fitness fables are some of the more prominently misunderstood myths that need to be tackled in order to educate and encourage people to strive to get fit, and not be turned away by false advertising.

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Everything You Need to Know to Become a Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for exercise, health and fitness, perhaps you’ve thought about becoming a personal trainer. But where to begin? It’s fairly easy to get into the industry; having a certificate III in fitness, as an example, will give you the qualifications to train at a professional level. Being successful, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter, and depends on the lengths you’re willing to go to for your clients.

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Exercise Selection for Perfect Programming

There is an art / skill to choosing the right exercises for your clients. The most important consideration of exercise selection is to select exercises that have a fundamental application to the training objectives. The exercises included should develop the muscle mass, strength, or power of the client in ways that apply to their life, sport or the event which they are training for.

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The Nutritional Scope of Practice For Personal Trainers

Is it illegal for personal trainers to give nutritional advice and programming to their clients?

There is a lot of attention in the media recently on qualifications and nutrition, and who is allowed to say and do what. This blog will look at what a Personal Trainer can and can’t do.

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